Best Kyiv Rave Parties
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Brave! Factory
Brave! Factory fest, founded just a year ago by Closer club team, has already become one of the loudest electronic music events of the year. The second festival of free music and art will happen on the territory of "Kyivmetrobud" factory in Ukrainian capital in the very end of summer – August 25-26, 2018. This year, the program of the event includes 6 stages with music of different genres (from techno to jazz), art galleries, food courts and lounge areas. Rhythmic DJ sets will be accompanied by impressive video shows. The line-up of Brave! Factory 2018 consists of more than 50 artists including Floating Points, Squarepusher, Dj Stingray, Dj Bone, Mikky Blanco, Yves Tumor, Hidden Orchestra, Apollonia, Chris Liebing and many other. The territory and stages of the festival will be decorated by more than 30 painters and sculptors from Ukraine and abroad. Detailed information could be
found here
Scheme ("Skhema") parties are definitely at the top of the brightest rave happenings in Kyiv. This event, founded in 2014 by DJ Slava Lepsheyev, is often called the main rave of the post-revolutionary Ukraine. Scheme was mentioned in foreign mass media as "the new spirit of Ukrainian music scene". The first Scheme parties took place in the skate park below Moscovsky bridge and at different abandoned industrial locations. Nowadays, the party is based at Dovzhenko film studio. The audience of Scheme mostly consists of teenagers and young people who feel nostalgic about the famous techno raves of the end of 1980s. If you want to join Scheme, you are welcome to wear your weirdest colorful clothes to support the positive atmosphere of the event. Scheme parties are held few times a year. A typical Scheme event is a crazy rave with many DJs that play mostly techno music all day and night long. To know about upcoming Scheme events, follow the party`s Facebook page
Rhythm Büro
Rhythm Büro started as a series of local parties in the beginning of 2015. Originally, Rhythm Büro kept to the "secret party" format that means that guests bought tickets but got to know the exact party location only at the day of the event. Nowadays, some Rhythm Büro parties are still held in this format, while locations of the other ones are announced in advance. The parties take place few times a year; some of them are open-air happenings in the forest. Line-up of Rhythm Büro mostly consists of techno music. The list of artists that took part in Rhythm Büro includes French techno star Zadig, Abdulla Rashim and Acronym from Sweden, Etapp Kyle and Woo York from Ukraine, Eric Cloutier from the USA, Artefakt from the Netherlands and other talented DJs. Apart from Kyiv, Rhythm Büro events were held in Prague, Krakow, Paris and Moscow. Rhythm Büro established its own label that already released the first record called Time EP. The next Rhythm Büro party is scheduled for September 8, 2018. You can find detailed information about it here
Strichka Festival
Located on the grounds of an old ribbon factory in Kiev, Closer pays homage to its history with Strichka Festival on May 21, 2016. Strichka, Ukrainian word for 'ribbon', embodies the modest, simple approach to life represented best by the factory spirit, while encouraging an experimental, unique celebration of the complexities of modern life.
Atlas Weekend
The main objective of the festival is the combination of innovative trends and famous Ukrainian artists who have won the audience's love and acceptance. These are the bands that already have an international acclaim and are interesting to listen to. The festival runs two pop and rock scenes in the evening and an 'afterparty' with the participation of popular Ukrainian DJs at night.

When: July (exact dates are the subject to confirmation each year) Where: Kyiv
NextSound is the most progressive festival of electronic music and digital creativity in Ukraine. Here it is not important whether you prefer techno, rock, rap or ethno music: NextSound is the festival for those who can think and feel. NextSound experiments with music that moves in space, builds its own architecture and form. This happening is worth experiencing for sure.

When: October (exact dates are the subject to confirmation each year) Where: Kyiv (Closer Art Space)

Go ahead and rock the top music festivals in Ukraine!
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'White Nights' Festival
The best world DJs, hundreds of guests, extensive entertainment and top participants of Ulichnaya Eda festival is a classic scenario of the 'White Nights' party, which traditionally takes place at Art-zavod Platforma.
The entertainment at White Nights will suit everyone's taste - there's an extreme pillow fight, late night movie showings, a relaxing chill out on the live scene or crazy bash on the beat stage - it's up to the visitors to choose what they prefer. The best participants of Ulichnaya Eda street food festival make the party truly delicious: oysters and escargots, meat delicacies, exotic dishes, desserts and refreshing coffee often lure in visitors of this fest.
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